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On this page you will find honest answers to questions I have received from individuals about hiring me as their real estate agent. If you do not find the answer to a question you have, please e-mail me or call 647-205-6874.

Q. I'm planning on buying a home. What do your services cost me?

Many people expect that any service costs money. You're right. Except that in the case of using a REALTOR for buying a home, the fee for this service is paid for by the brokerage of the property who has collected a fee from the vendor of the property. This is known as the "Co-Operating Broker Commission" and is a mandatory requirement for any MLS transaction. The typical commission offered is 2.5% for a residential resale transaction and a half month's worth of rent for residential leases. Commercial commissions are much more varied.

Q. Do I HAVE to sign a contract to work with you?

There exists a contract known as the "Buyer Representation Agreement", which clearly states the area and timeframe that is exclusive to the REALTOR you are working with. You can have multiple Agreements as long as the areas do not overlap between each REALTOR. Although not an absolute necessity to begin working with me, there are benefits of having a contract in place. I have always believed in EARNING your business by showing you that I am the best REALTOR for your needs. You should know that prior to preparing an offer to purchase, this Agreement must be completed. By then, there should be no hesitation since I have found you a property that you are interested in purchasing.

Q. What if I want to interview other agents before making a decision to work with one exclusively?

You can interview as many agents as you like, but keep in mind that there will be agents that may promise more than they will actually deliver or will say yes to cater to what you want to hear... only for you to find out that they SHOULD have advised you to do what is really best in today's market. Plus, the longer you take in making a decision, there could be a change in market conditions that may make it more difficult to buy or sell your home (i.e. competition from a neighbour, an increase in interest rates, etc.).

Q. Why do REALTORs' commissions vary?

Yes, it's true, there are various commission plans out there. However, the premier commission packages often net you a higher return on your investment (ROI) with the extra services that are offered to maximize the value of your home when marketing it for sale. Service packages vary with different commission rates, but generally start from 5% of the final sale price.

Discount agents need to make a living, too, and often do not have as large of a budget to work with and so they may use a LOWER price of YOUR home as one of their marketing tools. Discount agents tend to attract discount buyers looking for discount prices. For the sake of saving a small percentage of commission, you could leave far more on the table in the net value you receive for your home.

Q. With only being in the business for a few years, how do I know you are the best agent for me?

For Sellers: It's true, I haven't been in the business as long as some others, but with my marketing background, I have quickly developed a proven method for high-impact marketing of all my listings. Marketing is the core function of a listing agent when selling your house or condo. The way I portray your home is the same image that I want to portray for myself: a quality find. I take the utmost pride in my listings and you can be assured that you will get the very best service

For Buyers: Through my exposure to so many buyers, and being a buyer myself. I have extensive knowledge of what's hot and what's not. As far as negotiation skills, I have had a track record of getting my buyers their new homes for BELOW ASKING! In the end, you should feel like you trust your agent's opinions and knowledge. Spend a short time with me and you'll see this for yourself.

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Q. Your office is downtown, so my impression is that you only deal with downtown properties, right?

The majority of my business is downtown, but I have lived in various parts of the G.T.A. and have represented buyers and sellers for homes as far away as Stouffville and Ajax.

Q. It appears that you deal with mostly condos, but I have a house, can you still help me?

I am just as capable of buying or selling a home as I can a condo. Yes, I do more condos, but that is the shift in the trend today (60% condos vs. 40% houses). I have completed deals for condos AND houses.

Q. Why do some agents have a team, but you don't?

While a team is great to have, very often when you hire the lead agent of a team, you rarely work with that agent. This agent is often concerned with their high-profile business or their previous clients. Although I do employ an admin and marketing assistant, I personally get involved with ALL of my clients to ensure that my high level of professional standards of business are maintained. In the rare cases where I would need assistance, I have other agents from my office with a similar work ethic that can assist me in servicing your needs efficiently.

I offer 100% PERSONAL service where my namesake and success in this business is dependent on YOUR satisfaction with my work.

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